TOLERATE Consortium


The members of the TOLERATE consortium bear together a multidisciplinary, intersectoral and international network that offers the best response to the scientific, economic and societal challenges faced by the project.

Leading-edge academic partners: TOLERATE comprises 6 academic beneficiaries which are among the world-leading institutes in the domain of hematology. The academic partners originate from different fields of (bio)medical science, and have experience in development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches aimed at improving patients’ health. Moreover, all of them have advanced, and well managed PhD training programmes.

Private sector involvement: Academic research experience will be complemented by the activities of the industrial partners in the Consortium (Ahead Therapeutics and anicells). The network thus encompasses a large array of complementary expertise which will be exploited for the implementation of the research and training programmes.


The TOLERATE project benefits from a productive and collaborative environment between a multidisciplinary, international and intersectoral partnership.